Erosion Protection Systems  was contracted by Port Kembla Port Corporation to install its grout filled revetment mattress over an embankment located next to a new wharf structure.

As a result of berthing operations at the newly constructed No 107 wharf in the Inner Harbour, the adjacent 100 metres of embankment required protection from the erosive forces associated with propeller thrust and wave action.

The project involved carrying out embankment trimming operations and lining the embankment from its crest down to a depth of 12 metres under water.

With more than 20 years experience with under water projects, Erosion Protection Systems installed 5,000 square metres of its grout filled revetment mattress in difficult conditions, using divers to assist with the under water concrete pumping operations.

The resulting mattress protection provided large savings over the traditional method of rock protection with the project completed ahead of a tight schedule.