Erina Glass  offers an entire gamut of furnishing products including frameless screens, polished and beveled mirrors, glass roofs, sheer frameless shower screens, painted glass splash backs and fast glass replacements. Erina Glass has been operating in this business for the past fourteen years.

Erina Glass supplies high quality sheer frameless shower screens in 6mm and 8mm toughened glass. The shower screens have aluminium extrusions fitted to the bottom and top of the glass. The aluminium extrusions are offered in wide range of colours to suit all environments.

The sheer frameless shower screens offered by Erina Glass have an elegant look with no visible screws or pop rivets. It is made up of strong toughened glass and has an anti-splash device fitted to it. The shower screen is available in various designs and is suitable for all configurations.

The frameless shower screens offered by Erina Glass is available in various finishes including satin chrome, chrome, bright gold and 24 Ct gold plated. The shower screens can be custom designed to suit all environments and specifications. Erina Glass offers affordable frameless shower screen which is of standard quality.