Height adjustable desks specialist Ergomotion underlines the importance of prioritising the desk height to suit the user’s build. Using standardised dimensions for all employees will only result in injuries or strain.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

Several studies have indicated the ill-effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time at the workplace. Standing desks are growing in popularity, as they allow the user to alternate between sitting and standing during their workday, helping them avoid common back, shoulder and neck strains, and health risks such as poor blood circulation, and weight gain.

Height Adjustable Working Desks

A standing desk gives the user the freedom to switch between sitting and standing using a quiet and energy efficient motor.

It is also important for the user to rest the feet comfortably and flat on the floor when sitting; invest in a good, non-slip footrest if the feet dangle in a seated position. The desk should be correctly adjusted so that the wrists are not flexing upwards or downwards to use the keyboard or mouse; elbows should be bent at a 90-degree angle, and wrists should remain neutral, not strained. Additionally, the shoulders should be relaxed, not bunched up.

The computer screen should be positioned as far away as possible, at a distance where one can comfortably read text without straining the eyes. A monitor arm is recommended for good office ergonomics as it gives the flexibility to adjust the height, depth and angle of the computer screen whenever required.

Storage and Functionality

The work desk should preferably feature various storage functions to help keep the space organised. Storage solutions include a keyboard tray that can be rolled out of sight when not needed; a computer holder to save valuable desk space and keep the computer cool by increasing airflow; and desk cable trays to reduce tripping hazards and neatly contain wires from multiple devices.


The ideal desk should combine ergonomic and functional features, and stylish looks. Ergomotion’s electric, height-adjustable desks are sleek and come in neutral colours to fit into different office decors and layouts. They also boast quiet operation and an unobtrusive motor and control panel.

Comfortable Sitting Chair

The finishing touch to the ideal workstation is a comfortable office chair that supports the back, protecting delicate vertebrae, improves posture and overall comfort, and helps increase productivity by reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

The pairing of the desk and chair is crucial to maintaining proper ergonomic health and safety. The chair height should complement the desk height to create a comfortable, relaxed, strain-free working environment.