TV lifts are designed to securely and silently lift and lower a television screen out of a cabinet or wall unit. Popular in contemporary homes as well as modern workplaces, TV lifts can be used to conserve space by concealing the television in cabinets or walls, using the device to lift the screens out or put them away ergonomically without any physical effort.

Top seven reasons for using a TV lift

1. TV lifts increase safety

Studies indicate the occurrence of a high number of injuries and deaths from tipping and toppling furniture. Heavy television sets placed freestanding on cabinets or tables pose the biggest risk, especially to young children who may scramble to change channels, reach for a remote or climb furniture.

Statistics from the American study, National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reveal that a child is, on average injured by a television falling on them about every 30 minutes; between 1990 and 2011, almost 381,000 children were injured by a TV; and most of these children were under the age of 5 years. The 21-year span of the study covers the introduction and growth of flat screen TVs.

In Australia, between 2006 and 2010, there were 389 emergency department visits due to an injury from a television tipping over at home. The Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit found that 76 per cent were children aged 14 and under; 58 per cent were children aged between 0 and 4; two-year-olds were most commonly injured (21 per cent); and the most commonly injured body parts were the head (19 per cent), feet (16 per cent) and face (12 per cent).

TV lift mechanisms contain the flat screen and make the living room safer.

2. Transform your living room

TV lifts can be used to create a great viewing area in the living room or media room where favourite sporting events can be enjoyed with friends and family.

3. Customise the pop up TV cabinet

Ergomotion specialises in the manufacture of the TV lift mechanism, not the cabinet. However, the company can refer customers to their brilliant range of custom furniture maker contacts that use Ergomotion TV lifts in their cabinets or furniture.

4. Improve the aesthetics of your home

A TV lift mechanism can be used to conceal all the loose ends of an entertainment system including cable TV boxes, DVD players, cords, cables and power boards, which can be unsightly in a living room.

5. They’re built tough

The high build quality of Ergomotion TV lifts enhances safety. These TV lifts are designed to hold any flat screen available in the market today and can carry weights spanning from small 45kg televisions to large 100kg units. Single and double post lift options mean they’re equipped to hold TVs of any size while providing rigid stability.

6. Adds the ‘cool factor’

A motorised TV lift has considerable brag value as it adds a modern, slick and sophisticated element to a living room, while helping to keep the television out of sight when not needed.

7. Australian-made

Ergomotion manufactures TV lifts in Australia, using high-tech European motors.