Ergomotion  has recently made some alterations to their motionlift motorised projector lift to enhance their existing design.

Adjustments made to motionlift motorised projector lifts include:

  • The cable to operate the up/down movement of the projector lift has been replaced with canvas straps, offering more stability for the projector lift. 
  • The universal projector mounting bracket is now encased within the top plate of the lift, reducing the total height of the motorised projection lift. 
  • An extra IR remote eye is included in the ceiling plate to pick up the signal from the IR remote transmitter. 
  • An additional micro-switch in the ceiling plate (activated with a small pin), to enable the user to lower the motorised projector lift in case the batteries in the remote go flat or the remote is misplaced.
Ergomotion continue to listen to feedback to help further develop new products and enhance existing products.