Ergomotion  has launched a new website showcasing their complete range of ergonomic home and office furniture.

Through detailed product specifications, images, case studies and useful articles about ergonomic furniture, Ergomotion presents the benefits of ergonomic office furniture and ergonomic home furniture to a large audience of prospective buyers including business owners, office managers and individuals seeking to create a healthier home or work environment that reduces muscle, joint and eye strain and promotes safety and comfort.

Ergonomic office furniture offerings showcased on the Ergomotion website include a premium range of electric height adjustable desks, the Motiondesk 2 and 3 that have a minimum desk height of 610mm while still offering an adjustment of 650mm. All electric height adjustable desks can be adjusted in seconds from sit to stand using an ultra-quiet, energy-efficient motor.

Ergomotion’s ergonomic home furniture offerings include a range of high-quality single and double-post TV lifts, which enable televisions to ‘pop-up’ or ‘pop-down’ into or out of a cabinet/ wall unit. TV lifts create space, protect televisions from damage and hide the units from sight to create a more aesthetically appealing room.

Case studies of Ergomotion’s recent ergonomic office furniture projects include the installation of electric height adjustable desks at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne and TV lifts in the offices of the Australian Defence Force.