Ergomotion  has released motionlift projector lift. The motionlift is being marketed towards the DIY home theatre enthusiast, who would like to conceal their projector.

The projector lift allows lowering and raising a digital projector from within a roof or ceiling cavity.

When not in use the projector and all cabling are concealed safely within the cavity of the ceiling.

This is not only good from a safety point of view, but also assists in the aesthetics of the room.

When the customers want to watch a movie or presentation, the lift can be lowered through an Infra red remote control or a wall mounted panel.

The motionlift can be used in home theatre rooms, bedrooms, corporate board rooms, universities, government and other commercial conference rooms.

The lift is supplied with all the parts needed to mount the lift. The lift comes with the IR remote control, a wall mounted up/down panel, a universal projector mount and a ceiling plate to cover the hole when the lift is retracted.

There are no additional costs for accessories; they are all supplied as standard with the lift. The lift works on a scissor mechanism, but where most lifts have two scissors, the motionlift has 3 scissors to increase stability and rigidity.

There are 13 models available with a range of lift from 80cm to 360cm. Load capacity is from 12kg-50kg. Adjustments in travel, to suit the environment, can be made through the limit switched mounted in the motor.