A monitor arm is a device that attaches to the computer screen and can be adjusted easily with minimum effort and maximum precision.

A monitor arm allows full control of the monitor’s positioning, such as height, depth, and angle, enabling the user to make better use of their desk space. For instance, a suspended screen means more room and less clutter.

Monitor arms are suitable for every computer user. Each individual has personal preferences and requirements for their monitors; having the freedom to adjust monitors to their exact liking means more comfort, less strain on the neck, shoulders and wrists, and a more productive work environment.

Additionally, monitor arms are ideal for workstations, which are shared between multiple users. Ergonomic office furniture means users can tailor their workstation to accurately suit their personal preferences.

Monitor arms also allow workers who wear bifocal and multifocal lenses to adjust their monitors to suit their comfort levels as standard monitor heights may result in poor neck posture.

The user would need to consider several factors when choosing an appropriate monitor arm. 

Using one or two monitors? 

Wing monitor arms are excellent for holding two monitors side-by-side (horizontally) or one over the other (vertically).

Types of adjustments

Height, depth and angle are the three key adjustments, all addressed by Ergomotion’s range of monitor arms.

Mounting the monitor arm 

The monitor arm can be clamped to the desk or attached to the wall. Ergomotion’s 7Flex monitor arm and 7500 Wing monitor arm come with a special hardware called ‘FLEXmount’, which is fitted with six mounting options suited to almost any setting.

Tips for optimum monitor positioning

A good distance for the monitor arm is normally at about arm's length; as far away as possible while allowing the user to still read comfortably without straining their eyes to see the screen.

The top of the screen should be just below the user’s eye line. The user should be able to read the bottom of the screen without bowing their head.

Adjust the screen position to eliminate factors such as glare and reflections from lights or windows.

Ergomotion’s range of monitor arms

Ergomotion’s basic model is the 7Flex monitor arm featuring 360-degree rotation, a horizontal range of 61cm, and vertical range of 40cm. It is equipped with FLEXmount, giving the user the flexibility to choose their mounting preference.

The six mounting options of FLEXmount are desk clamp; thru-desk; wall; reverse wall; grommet hole; and side bolt.

Ergomotion’s 7500 Wing monitor arm can support two monitors at the same time, making it ideal for dual-screen users to neatly integrate their monitors side-by-side, or stacked one on top of the other. The 7500 Wing monitor arm is also equipped with FLEXmount.

Ergomotion’s Evo monitor arm is a single arm designed for smaller panels ranging from 12" to 24". Allowing the monitor to be viewed in portrait or landscape mode, the monitor arm comes with three mounting options: desk edge, grommet, and thru-desk.

Ergomotion supplies a comprehensive range of monitor arms to suit all customer needs.