Graphite. Made to create contrast.

The new graphite colour of EQUITONE [lines] façade material is created for architects to make a lasting impression and ideal for creating a clear and bold contrast effect on the façade. Highlight and accentuate selected façade elements or achieve a bold and dynamic effect with the three-dimensional surface of the new graphite [lines] material. 

Are you ready to make a lasting impression and shape your surroundings?

Created for dynamic façade designs, the new graphite [lines] captivates with its deep and elegant shade that can be combined easily with other colours in the [lines] or [tectiva] series.

EQUITONE [lines] Graphite is the result of innovation and the pursuit of excellence resulting from meaningful collaboration with architects and EQUITONE's heritage.  

Created in collaboration with architects, the ever-changing appearance of EQUITONE [lines] draws the eye and holds the gaze.

Inspired by the human hand, its proportions are familiar and inviting to the touch. 

Come closer, and the through-coloured material reveals its full complexity and integrity. Within the geometric structure, fibres create a delicate texture, bringing natural detail and subtlety to this material’s bold beauty. 

Since its release in 2014, the innovative and original design of EQUITONE [lines] has influenced architects. However, it is the first material of its kind to be produced entirely by one manufacturer through an innovative patented process, guaranteeing consistent quality and a refined natural-looking mineral finish. 

EQUITONE [lines] panels are available in 4 authentic and natural colours in a maximum usable size of 1220 x 3050 millimetres with a thickness of 10 millimetres.

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