EP Draffin Manufacturing  provides a variety of waste management products including, power and manual hydraulic Litta Lifta, recycling systems, wheelie bins, office bins and rubbish bins. The powered hydraulic models are easy to operate and are suitable for all weather conditions.

The power hydraulic has a remote control and a safety warning buzzer to ensure the safety of the user. The manual hydraulic have wheel brakes and stabilising brackets to ensure safety while emptying. All kinds of wheelie bins can be fitted to this hydraulics.

EP Draffin Manufacturing also offers recycling systems and is available in models including, Littamax movable recycling systems and wheelie bin corral.

One side of the Liitamax movable recycling systems is used as general litter and the other side is used for recycling. These recycling systems have fold away ramp for easy bin access and strong lockable castors.

The Wheelie bin corral has 3 wheelie bins which ensure correct separation of wastes. These recycling systems have locking arm that enables easy emptying. The Stainless Steel Southside bin surround are designed from marine grade stainless steel and are resistant to harsh weather conditions. These bin surrounds have slam lock triangular key system.

Range of wheelie bins, wheelie bin posts and wheelie bin deluxe surrounds are available. Timber slatted bins and frames, metal bins and frames and metal litter bins are the rubbish bins available from EP Draffin Manufacturing. Office bins such as, bin covers and liners, litter containers, dispenser security guards and pick up tools are also offered by EP Draffin Manufacturing.