Tasmanian company, Envorinex addresses the issue of noise abatement in urban living environments with a new range of fencing profiles made from 100% recyclable uPVC.
Noise abatement barriers are exterior structures designed to protect sensitive land uses from noise pollution. Growing urbanisation has resulted in cities’ growth corridors being frequently located along major transport routes, exposing these areas to roadway, railway and industrial noise sources.
Noise abatement barriers are an effective method of mitigating the noise pollution and improving amenity, especially when new roads are built near existing buildings or routes are widened.
According to Envorinex Managing Director, Jenny Brown, their Melbourne located rigid uPVC recycling program enables the company to guarantee the recyclate quality and verify that the new products matches the quality standard expected from virgin raw materials. The recyclable uPVC (unplasticised PVC) has a design life of 50+ years.
Envorinex has initiated a program with its customers offering a $0.50kg rebate on all returned Envorinex rigid PVC profiles such as material off cuts from building boards, profiles and guide posts.
The requirements for effective and durable noise abatement barriers and fencing are demanding. In addition to being a continuous face to the noise source with certified sound transmission loss capabilities, the barrier needs to be made from materials that are impervious to environmental degradation, especially in salt laden or hydrocarbon polluted atmospheres.
Additionally, the materials must be capable of withstanding high wind loads as well as long term weather and traffic exposure, and also have a degree of graffiti resistance. Materials are also chosen for appearance, cost effectiveness and end of design life recyclability.
Key features of Envorinex D5 vinyl noise abatement panels: 
  • Used with galvanised steel posts and rails for easy and quick installation
  • UV-stabilised, impact modified uPVC construction ensures low maintenance
  • Highly durable noise barrier with a design life of 50+ years
  • Will not rot, does not support combustion and resists traffic emissions and acid rain
  • Proven weathering experience of over 30 years across Australia
  • Long lifecycle based on PVC’s properties and the panel’s long service life
  • Recyclable at the end of service life
  • Low embodied energy and associated greenhouse gas emissions