A market leader of sub-floor ventilation fans, Solarfan, had rigorous testing carried out by Unisearch in the 1970's. Unisearch was a very intensive testing and research facility, contracted to research and examine commercial products. Consulting and expert opinion from UNSW is now known as UNSW Consulting & Unisearch, a division of NewSouth Global.

Envirofan’s knowledge and experience from the Solarfan era, spanning over thirty years, can tell us which sub-floor ventilation systems work and which fail after a short period.

Brick size ventilation system design is extremely important where the distance between the floor and the ground is reduced; this is where effective sub-floor ventilation needs to be concentrated. The use of flexible ducting in these areas would only inhibit air flow and its use is totally unnecessary.

Terra-cotta vent size design is very innovative for sub-floor ventilation systems, as this maintains the structural integrity of the building. By extracting a terracotta vent and replacing it with a sub-floor ventilation system the same size, you are doing a retro-fit. The structural integrity of the wall is maintained. This would also be true of extracting a brick in a sub-wall and replacing it with a brick size sub-floor ventilation system, which has a db (decibel) rating of 27 and moves 2,500 litres of air per minute. Many in-line systems have a decibel rating which is much higher. As a homeowner, you don’t need additional, unwarranted noise levels penetrating into the living area.

By adopting Envirofan sub-floor ventilation systems to target underfloor ventilation problems, airflow will travel freely. The use of flexi duct and other materials is not needed.

Most people are concerned about mankind’s impact on the world’s resources. Envirofan has taken this into account by building sub-floor ventilation systems that operate on low voltage (12v). The drain on resources is far less than for a product at 240volts. These sub-floor ventilation systems can also operate on solar-power.

Also, as it is a 12 volt system, an electrician is not required. So the installation of this sub-floor ventilation systems is much simpler than for a 240volt system.

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