A typical solution employed by many homeowners to address damp sub floors in their homes is sub floor ventilation. Envirofan advises these homeowners not to consider sub floor ventilation as the only effective solution for their sub floor damp issues.

Damp sub floors can result from various sources including leaky shower recesses, excess rainwater run-off, which is not diverted away from the dwelling, sub soil drainage, spoon drains, unconnected downpipes or broken stormwater drainage. Sub floor ventilation will not fix these issues.

Having sub floor ventilation does not guarantee a termite-free environment. Termites can enter the dwelling through cracks in concrete slabs and forage for food sources in sub floor areas. A high humidity level in the sub floors creates the perfect environment for mould and termites.

The Termite Inspection Report in accordance with AS 3660 states that 'sub floor ventilation is a deterrent for termites to establish themselves within the property'. In other words, sub floor ventilation makes the sub floor area unconducive for termite infestations. Sub floor ventilation is therefore 'one' aspect of control against termite establishment.

However, having sub floor ventilation does not mean the homeowner can let their guard down and assume there will not be any termite growth in the sub floor space. Envirofan recommends regular termite inspections as part of a multi-pronged strategy to keep termites out of the dwelling permanently. The homeowner should consult with a reputed pest management company to carry out regular inspections at 6-month intervals, especially in areas where termites are particularly active.

In addition to professional termite inspections, the homeowner has to address the source of damp in the sub floor area. Fix each possible source and check them off the list. Bolster sub floor ventilation, which is the last line of defence for entry of moisture in the sub floor area. This will also benefit the internal air quality inside the dwelling.

Simply aerating the sub floor area using passive vents is not sufficient. Envirofan fan forced sub floor ventilation systems deliver excellent sub floor ventilation performance in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.