Available from Enviro Acoustics , NRC architectural acoustic panels are quick and easy to install and remove as they simply click into place using concealed fittings. The fittings include ultra thin concealed split batten or non removable direct glue fixing.

These acoustic panels feature a framed absorptive core that is front faced with fabric and are available in any sizes up to 1200mm (L) x 2400 mm (H) x 100 mm (T).

The fabric facing of the acoustic panelling generally consists of 275 gm/m2, 100% polyester, but is available in any open weave fabric of choice.

NRC architectural acoustic panels have been specifically designed to be built around doors, windows and other room features.

The architectural acoustic panel’s thickness and absorptive core (type, thickness and density) will influence the sound absorption. Absorptive cores include:

  • 35 mm Cellulose has a density of 90 kg/m3 - NRC 0.9
  • 25 mm Glasswool has a density of 90 kg/m3 - NRC 0.8
  • 25 mm Polyester has a density of 12 kg/m3 - NRC 0.6