When the Art Gallery of NSW undertook the construction of an underground mini theatre they turned to Enviro Acoustics to get the best internal acoustic qualities possible while still retaining a high standard of visual architecture.

Established in 1874, the Art Gallery of NSW houses some of the worlds most impressive collections of art in the country, as well as hosting a range of exhibitions from Renoir to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

In 2002 the new addition of an underground mini theatre was built on the third level of the Art Gallery of NSW, and to achieve their acoustic goals removable wool fabric faced NRC acoustic panels from Enviro Acoustics were used to line the rear and side walls of the theatre and the entry foyer.

Constructed using a rigid absorptive core of high density glasswool, these NRC acoustic panels were prefabricated off site to CAD dimensioning, transported to the art galler and simply clicked into place.

Now, thanks to these acoustic panels, the underground mini theatre is used for lectures, movies and audio visual demonstrations without disturbance from, or causing disturbance to, the rest of the gallery.