The Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA) is Australia’s association for large electricity and gas users. The association has over 100 members across the country, including some of the largest energy users as well as some smaller businesses too.

Formed in 1996, the EUAA is a non profit organisation which is funded by membership fees, internal revenue and external funds. It mainly focuses on energy issues such as Electricity & gas retail markets, network pricing, carbon pricing, energy efficiency and electricity and gas marker regulation renewable energy.

The EUAA serve the interests of it’s members in a couple of ways:

  • Energy markets and regulation delivers competitively price and reliable energy supply to members through advocacy.
  • Relevant services provided to members that better inform which helps them operate with a greater deal of effectiveness in the energy market.
Representing members views through networks and reporting back on developments and initiatives, as well as the set up of action groups helps the association to get a fair reflection of their members opinions and ideas going forward to improve aspects of the electricity and gas industry. .

Photo: a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Francesco Cavallari Flickr photo stream.