EnduroShield  is pleased to announce the release of their new solution to glass restoration and scratch removal. The EnduroShield Restoration System has been developed to restore all types of glass that have been damaged by staining or scratching.

This glass restoration system enables glass to be brought back to life in just two easy steps, making it an affordable solution to glass restoration. The one system removes stains and scratches.

Glass surfaces such as showers and glass railings are continually exposed to harsh conditions that can cause damage to the glass. Hard water, soap, shampoos, lime scale, dirt, chemicals, salt and grime can all lead to staining and etching of the glass surface which cannot be removed with general household cleaners.

The EnduroShield glass and window restoration system can be used in residential and commercial applications to bring glass back to a near new finish.

One of the drawbacks of glass is that it can easily be damaged or scratched. Scratches can accidently occur due to handling errors in a factory or during installation. As a result of scratching during fabrication and transport, a large volume of glass is wasted before it even reaches the installation stage. This glass is unnecessarily thrown away, costing the glass industry in wastage and time. The EnduroShield glass restoration system has been developed and extensively tested to remove scratches from all types of glass, including tempered and laminated, allowing glass companies and installers the opportunity to reduce their wastage and save money.

The most common occurrence of glass scratching is due to vandalism. Replacing the glass can be a very expensive and sometimes impractical solution. A much more affordable solution is to remove the scratches quickly and effectively with the EnduroShield glass restoration system.