EnduroShield coated glass was specified for the shower screens in the bathrooms of Brisbane’s newest south-side 4.5 star hotel to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

The Calamvale Hotel in Brisbane features 60 well-appointed guest suites and a conference centre. The elegant bathrooms in the stylish and spacious suites have been fitted with shower screens featuring EnduroShield easy clean glass coating as a finishing touch.

Brendan Johnstone, Director of EnduroShield QLD explained that it was a fast turnaround project with their team completing the project a week before the launch of the prestigious hotel. The EnduroShield team was contracted to apply the glass coating to 64 shower screens.

In addition to providing a stunning finish to the glass in the bathrooms, the protective coating will also save the hotel thousands of dollars in cleaning and maintenance costs. EnduroShield reduces cleaning time by up to 90 per cent, ensuring significant cost savings in cleaning and maintaining gleaming showers.

An invisible coating that seals the porous surface of glass, EnduroShield protects the surface against staining and etching from grime, dirt and soap scum. The protective coating also prevents build-up of harmful mould and bacteria, resulting in a germ-free environment.