EnduroShield  permanent protective coating has been applied to the glass atrium of the new multi-purpose community centre at Crown Street, Surry Hills. The Sydney building houses a new library, as well as a neighbourhood centre and childcare facilities.

The new library spans two levels – the ground floor and the lower ground floor, and is linked by a glazed atrium filled with plants. The new centre sets a benchmark in environmentally sustainable design. To reduce reliance on air-conditioning, an open-air atrium and rooftop plants naturally filter the air, solar cells provide power and tanks collect rain water.

The team at EnduroShield worked with façade consultants TTW and façade specialists Austress Freyssinet to ensure that EnduroShield protective coating was applied to specification and within the project time frame.

The EnduroShield coating will assist in protecting the glazed surfaces by sealing the porosity of the glass. It will also protect against staining, etching and the general deterioration caused not only by weather and pollution, but also by the sprinkler system that will water the plants.

Due to the innovative design of the structure and the plant life within the atrium, access for general cleaning will be challenging. The cleaning will be done by securing ropes to eye bolts on the roof, and then abseiling down the atrium walls. By minimising the time spent on cleaning, maintenance costs will be reduced.