EnduroShield, from Origen Australia , is a revolutionary non-stick invisible coating for glass. The once only application creates a permanent easy to clean surface, protecting the glass against staining and etching. Acting as a shield, grime and pollution are prevented from soaking into the surface, allowing them instead to stay on the outside of the coating. This creates an easy to clean surface, protecting against deterioration and discolouration.

Untreated glass is porous and as a result it absorbs contaminants and pollution, which cause deterioration and discolouration. This deterioration etches and corrodes the surface making cleaning more frequent and difficult. Glass that is exposed to constant salt spray from the ocean etches very quickly and losses clarity in the glass causing irreversible damage. EnduroShield seals the porosity and prevents this from occurring. It does not change or alter the look and feel of the surface

The EnduroShield coating is only two molecules thin, and is invisible to the human eye. Continued laboratory and field testing over a number of years has shown that the frequency of cleaning is reduced by an average of up to 70-90%, leading to a reduction in maintenance costs. A building that is currently cleaned on a frequent basis will gain greater cost savings than those that are cleaned less frequently.

Extensive testing has been carried out to determine the durability and longevity of the protective coating. It has now been exposed to UV testing for approximately 10,000 hours with minimal or no change to its properties. In order to accelerate testing the panels were placed facing north at an angle of 45º. EnduroShield™ has lost none of its properties after 12 months of exterior exposure.

EnduroShield can be applied to new or existing glass, and is non-toxic, environmentally and user friendly with no over powering odours or fumes, due to it’s ethanol base. When applied to new glass, EnduroShield comes complete with a 10 Year manufacturers warranty. When applied to existing glass, it comes complete with a 3-year warranty. The product is applied by accredited applicators, to ensure that it is applied in accordance with the manufactures instructions