Emilia Glem Appliances has introduced a new range of Italian-designed cookers for contemporary kitchens in Australia.

The new Glem 122 cooker has been designed by Milan-based designer Marcello Cutino of BCF Studio in collaboration with Italy’s number one cooker brand, Glem.

Manufactured by Glem’s Italian factory, the new large format freestanding cookers will be appreciated by discerning home cooks for their innovation, design and quality. The 122cm wide cooker features a dual fuel energy combination comprising of a 92-litre multifunction electric oven, six-burner gas cooktop and generous Teppanyaki plate as well as a second 38-litre electric oven for simultaneous oven cooking when baking dessert or sides. The double-oven design prevents transfer of cooking smells or splatter, which can occur in single-oven formats.

David Gilmore of Glem Gas Australia explains that the 122cm wide cooker taps into Australia’s love of open plan kitchen design. Observing that freestanding cookers of this scale are a showpiece that must be designed to look good, he notes that they must also perform a greater variety of cooking functions. Large format cookers such as the Glem 122 also have the ability to prepare a larger volume of food when entertaining, with burners that can fully heat the base of a wok or paella pan, while still being able to position other pots side by side on the cooktop.

Gilmore adds that wider ovens such as the Glem 122 design have become an expectation in new homes and renovated kitchens, much like the French door fridges. With their large size and robust features, the Glem 122 is also ideal for semi-professional cooking environments.

Key features of the Glem 122 freestanding cookers include gas cooktop with six burners; electric double ovens; rotisserie for both ovens; internationally patented Teppanyaki plate allowing cooks to create authentic Asian dishes while also doubling as a flat plate to simply grill fish and steaks; full glass oven door offering a clean, slimline look with door hinges capable of holding up to 15kg; telescopic rails to pull trays out easily during the cooking process; Blumotion drawer underneath offering a convenient location to keep dishes warm; and rails with assisted return for safe opening and closing.

The Glem 122 cooker’s stainless steel construction and stainless steel frames add to the smooth lines that integrate seamlessly with kitchen cabinetry and pared-back interiors.