Embelton multi-plate rubber bearings were specified for a vibration isolation application at a major commercial development in Sydney’s busy CBD.

The Skyvue on George Street was built in 2005 as a commercial office development with retail on the lower level. Constructed directly above four active railway tunnels in Sydney’s city centre, the building would likely be exposed to unacceptable levels of noise in the absence of effective isolation of ground-borne vibration generated by the trains.

Grocon Constructors engaged acoustic consultants Heggies to carry out extensive testing and modelling. Following their study, Heggies specified Embelton multi-plate rubber bearings to effectively isolate the ground borne vibration.

Embelton supplied 24 pre-compressed lateral bearings and 244 vertically loaded bearings with static deflection of 7-9mm under load. To ensure long-term performance, each bearing was individually tested to 150 per cent of its working load before installation.

Compliance testing carried out on completion of construction showed excellent correlation with the noise levels predicted in the testing stage.