Elite Elevators'  main Lift supplier IGV of Italy has launched a new range of products at the Interlift Lift Exhibition in Augsburg during October.

The new Overfit model is a motor room less, gearless variable frequency traction drive lift that operates smoothly and quietly for increased passenger comfort.

The new Overfit model's key features are

  • Machine inside the shaft, in the headroom
  • Hoist machine with permanent magnet motor gearless
  • Control panel located in the door frame at the highest landing or alternatively it can be located inside the shaft, next to the machinery

In the highest landing door a small sized service cabinet is incorporated, containing power supply, lighting switches, the components needed for putting the lift into service, components for making the adjustments needed during installation and those needed to rescue passengers trapped in the car.

In this case, control panel and machine maintenance operations are carried out inside the shaft, standing on top of the car.

Currently available with capacities up to 630kg with 1000kg, Overfit model is scheduled to be launched before the end of the year and up to 2000kg by mid 2008.