Farnell  is one of the leading distributors of electrical, electronic and industrial maintenance, operations and repair products. Farnell offers access to about one lakh sixteen thousand products. Buyers and maintenance engineers are benefited by Farnell through a choice of channels which suit the requirements of every individual.

There are various services for customers which are offered by Farnell such as ordering through telephone or internet, free technical support and fast dispatch on same day. Farnell not only delivers products but also provides information and support services to help the its clients' business. It also offers them after sales services. Farnell is a part of the Premier Farnell group of companies, which enables clients to access more product categories.

Farnell was established in 1939 by Alan Farnell and Arthur Woffenden A.C. and in its initial days Farnell sold only radio parts. Later the product range focused on the wholesale market. Today Farnell is one of the leading distributors of electrical, electronics, repairs, operations, industrial and maintenance products. Farnell works with over eight hundred world class suppliers and receives orders twenty four hours a day and three sixty five days a year.