The HEV Series of commercial water heaters from Edwards Hot Water are efficient units designed for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial heating applications. The HEV Series can perform multiple functions as it uses an indirect heat exchange system.

One of the primary advantages of the HEV series from Edwards Hot Water is that it combines the benefits of low pressure and inhibited treated water to prolong the life span of the cylinder without comprising on the availability of mains pressure water to the hot water fixtures. The HEV Series use heavy duty 6 millimeter thick steel cylinders combined with copper in the heat exchanger which ensures that the HEV Series can operate at high capacity without stressing the working parts.

The Heatmate 250 from Edwards Hot Water is a water heater circulator designed for use with both warm water and hot water.

The EHX Series of heaters from Edwards Hot Water is a series of indirect storage water heat exchange systems that are designed to be heated by electric immersion elements. The EHX has four models, EHX1500, EHX2000, EHX3500 and EHX5000. All EHX units can be installed internally or externally as the EHX Series comes encased in a durable COLORBOND steel casing to provide all weather protection.

The water heating systems from Edwards Hot Water help save substantial money for the customers by reducing the heating and electricity costs.