A sustainably designed and built home in Woodforde, South Australia features zero VOC paint from Ecolour to improve indoor air quality.

Designed by SUHO and built by Woolcock Construction, the house combines carefully considered design and construction to achieve very high energy efficiency, thermal comfort, air tightness, and creative heat recovery ventilation, all of which are enhanced by home automation technologies. By maximising the use of sustainable, recycled and reused materials, the project partners were able to add to the home’s green credentials. 

In addition to being smart and energy efficient, the house is built healthy for its residents – it is airtight, promotes cross flow and heat recovery ventilation, allows abundant natural light, and is carpet-free and painted with Ecolour zero VOC paint. 

SUHO and Woolcock Construction delivered South Australia’s first 10-star energy rated house (based on the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme – NatHERS, utilising accredited software AccuRate).

Be it a feature wall, furniture, bedroom or the entire house, Ecolour zero VOC paints will ensure you can breathe easy inside your home without worrying about toxic paint fumes.