Eco Cool  provide a range of solutions to minimise heat in the home and to minimise the usage of expensive air conditioning systems.

Eco Cool’s roof ventilation system is designed to pull cool air into the home, while at the same time push warm air from inside the house back outside through roof vents. 

By ventilating a house, it ensures warm is able to escape back outdoors as quickly as it is able to enter the house. 

The roof ventilation system works through a variety of vents which are installed on top of a roof. As the roof space becomes pressurised, the warm air from the living space and superheated roof can flow out of the vents. 

To sure a balance of outgoing air is maintained, the company will measure a client's roof to ensure only a minimum amount of vents are installed. 

Common types of vents used by the company include:

  • whirlybird vents
  • static vents
  • O’Hagen flat show uncovered vents
  • dormer vents 
  • ridge vents 
  • gable vents in square, octagon, round or half round shapes