During summer season, extreme heat can lead to heat build up inside the roofing cavities. During winter months, this heat would then condense and result in wood rotting and other problems. To help solve these problems, Eco Cell Home Insulation provide roof ventilation solution to minimise such temperature build-up inside the roofs. Through proper roof ventilation, customers can also adhere to good construction and maintenance practices.

Air tends to get trapped in spaces between roofs and ceilings. Wind turbine roof ventilators, from Eco Cell Home Insulation, removes the heated air and prevents heat radiation inside the homes. This leads to improved and comfortable internal living environments. Effective roof ventilation also aids fans and air conditioning systems to regulate properly leading to reduced power costs.

Proper roof ventilation also prevents problems related to moisture condensation, whereas poor ventilation could lead to mildew, moulds and rotting problems. Wind turbine roof ventilators are available from Eco Cell Home Insulation in a wide range of colours to suit individual homes. Roof ventilators also come in a variety of powder coated colours to complement both steel and tile roofs.

Eco Cell Home Insulation offer tile ventilators that offer effective ventilation for roof throughout the year. Roof gable ventilation and under eaves ventilation solution are also provided by Eco Cell Home Insulation.