Framery office phone booths and meeting pods are designed and tested for safe use by customers.

Framery products routinely go through extensive accredited third-party testing including specific tests for formaldehyde and other emissions.

“We can assure that all Framery pods are safe to use, as client safety is a top priority to the way we work within our manufacturing facilities,” says co-founder and CEO Samu Hällfors.

“As an industry leader in manufacturing soundproof private spaces and pods, we take pride in providing our customers with products that put their safety first. We can confidently say that our design and engineering teams go through immense research and testing to ensure Framery pods won’t cause any harm – whether it be from dangerous emissions, fire, or other natural disasters.”

Framery pods are made primarily of plywood, glass, steel, aluminium, polyester, polyamide, PMMA plastic, polyurethane foam, nylon, and wool. The percentages of materials, environmental impact, and chemical breakdown are all formally and regularly documented to meet safety standards.

Framery is very transparent about their product material composition. All substances within their products are listed in their Health Product Declarations (HPD).

Copies of their HPD and EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) are available on request by sending an email to [email protected].

Rest assured, Framery office phone booths and meeting pods are safe for you and your workplace.