DYNAPAC AUSTRALIA  are providers of different types of rollers including single drum soil compactors, tandem asphalt rollers, combi rollers and static rollers. Single drum soil compactors are available in a range of small and medium-sized vibratory rollers, suitable for any kind of soil.

These single drum soil compactors from DYNAPAC AUSTRALIA are ideal for airfields, dam constructions, road constructions, harbour projects and industrial constructions. Each heavy-sized vibratory roller can be used for a range of applications, where there is a need for thick drum steel. A special version of the padfoot drum is available with drum soil compactors for compacting cohesive soils.

Tandem asphalt rollers from DYNAPAC AUSTRALIA are designed with a range of features making them suitable to function in compact repair jobs and large machines in sites. They are equipped with swivel seats and vibration dampened platforms for better visibility. Tandem asphalt rollers are user friendly and safe for operators.

Combi-version rollers from DYNAPAC AUSTRALIA are designed with four rubber tyres fixed to the rear. These rubber wheels are driven in pairs using propulsion motors, reducing the risk of damaging any newly laid asphalt. Static rollers from DYNAPAC AUSTRALIA are suitable for large and medium sized applications.