The line marking paint and line marking machine from Dy-Mark (Aust) are increasingly being used in various factories and warehouses across Australia to mark off potentially hazardous areas for greater employee safety.

Organisational safety is a serious issue in Australia with over 600,000 work-related injuries being reported in 2009-10 alone. This staggering number raises alarm bells as a majority of these injuries could have been prevented through the strict application of appropriate OH&S procedures.

These alarming statistics have however motivated warehouses and factories to provide their employees with safe working environments by minimising risks at work.

A key part of OH&S procedures involves clearly marking out workspaces, walkways and hazardous areas in the best interest of employee safety.

Dy-Mark’s line marking paints have been specially formulated to provide high wear resistance while continuously delivering excellent durability. Used along with Dy-Mark’s Line Master line marking machines, the line marking paint assists with clearly marking off and identifying hazardous areas, preventing potential workplace accidents.

Smooth, clearly visible and long lasting lines are assured at the workplace with the high quality line marking paints and line marking machines, which assist in creating and maintaining a safe working environment to meet with OH&S requirements.

Dy-Mark is the trusted Australian brand for clearly marking out hazardous areas to ensure a safe working environment.