Dy-Mark (Aust) Pty Ltd  has added the new Zinc Guard epoxy enamel to their range of protective and decorative coatings.
Dy-Mark is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of innovative marking paints and protective coatings with nearly 50 years of experience in the market. Targeting both industrial and residential segments, Dy-Mark’s product range has grown to include marking products, protective and decorative coatings, cleaners and lubricants, and industrial packaging.
Zinc Guard epoxy enamel, the latest product in the Dy-Mark range provides high build, superior coverage for all metal surfaces.
Suitable for use on fences, roofs, gutters, doors, patios, light machinery and various other surfaces, Zinc Guard epoxy enamel contains an advanced zinc anti-corrosive formula and acts as a durable, self-priming top coat (priming is required for non-ferrous metals).
Available in a user-friendly spray packaging, Zinc Guard epoxy enamel offers a variety of Australian standard and COLORBOND shades to suit industrial and residential applications.