A new solar hot water system developed by Dux Hot Water , the Dux SunPro, is a hybrid system which combines the best features of the company’s twin element electric water heater with Europe’s leading solar technology.

Homeowners who replace their electric hot water system with the SunPro could be eligible to create up to 34 Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) under the Federal Government system. RECs are a form of tradeable currency supported by the Government as an incentive to reduce electricity consumption by the use of renewable energy sources such as solar.

Considering variables such as the current value of one REC on the open market, the RECs rating of SunPro represents an effective rebate of over a thousand dollars on the cost of installing a system. In addition, installing SunPro could also entitle the homeowner to a further state government rebate.

“With rising energy costs, the various rebates and incentives on offer and with local governments requiring more energy efficient housing, homeowners need to consider their hot water options carefully,” says Richard Taylor, Dux’s manager of environmental products. “Solar hot water is one of the few household products that actually pays for itself due to the resulting substantial reduction in electricity bills.”

Dux SunPro is one of the few solar water heater systems sold in Australia with an optional installation for cold climates, designed to prevent the water in the solar collectors freezing and causing damage to the system.

Unlike most other solar hot water systems, Dux SunPro does not require a special tank. And because it is a split system, only the slim solar panels appear on the roof, greatly enhancing the visual appeal of the product.

Its hybrid technology means the solar components can be combined with either of the company’s domestic electric hot water tanks, Proflo and Marathon.

Source: Building Products News.