Dux Hot Water has launched a new continuous flow gas hot water system, Endurance Plus, featuring an all-weather powder-coated finish and the additional option of a temperature controller.

Also, an anti-frost element has been included as a standard feature along with a preset 50 degree Celsius maximum temperature.

In addition, Dux has released a range of controllers, which gives the consumer the freedom to vary the temperature from the kitchen, bathroom or en-suite.

Customers can choose to fit bathroom and en-suite controllers in addition to the main controller, allowing the temperature to be conveniently adjusted from different rooms.

For example, if the main controller in the kitchen has been set at maximum temperature for dishwashing, pressing the transfer button on a second controller in the bathroom allows a person in the bathroom to easily reduce the temperature for the purposes of showering or safely bathing the children.

The National Plumbing Code states that, for new homes and substantial renovations, hot water supplied to hygiene areas must be limited to 50 degrees Celsius.

The Endurance Controller also features a priority indicator which warns the user whether someone in the house is currently using hot water prior to resetting the water temperature.

The new Endurance Plus system is available in three models featuring different hot water capacities – 16L/min, 20L/min and 26L/min.

Dux still offers its model called Endurance Premium, which provides 26L/min and features a stainless steel cover, and a maximum temperature of 60 degrees for those residential situations wanting hotter water available for kitchens and laundries, or 75 degrees for commercial applications.

Source: Building Products News.