The new Sunpro MP15 gas boosted solar water heaters from Dux Hot Water now come with a new Complete Panel Management system.

Bringing a number of benefits to gas boosted solar water heaters while achieving excellent energy efficiency, the intelligent and patented Complete Panel Management (CPM) system provides complete frost protection in winter, removing the need for frost valves and making the system perfect for use in regions experiencing sub-zero conditions.

The system also runs an overheating protection cycle in summer when temperatures get too high, safeguarding the water heater all year round.

The new Dux Sunpro MP15 gas boosted solar hot water systems employ the new CPM technology to delivers a number of benefits to the homeowner.

Traditional gas boosted solar systems use continuous flow boosting, which wastes water in the start-up cycle. Sunpro MP15 gas boosted solar water heaters feature a unique preboost function, which heats the water at the top of the tank before it is needed, eliminating water wastage and providing a constant supply of hot water at mains pressure.

The quick recovery, low megajoule gas booster used on the MP15 helps the plumber during installation as the MP15 at just 45 megajoules typically does not require a gas pipe upgrade when replacing an existing gas unit.

Key benefits of Sunpro MP15 gas boosted solar water heaters:

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Low running costs and carbon emissions
  • Improved solar panel protection in extreme climates
  • Minimal water wastage
  • Mains pressure hot water supply
  • Cost savings and convenience from not having to upgrade the gas pipe during installation