Dulux Alumi Shield™ warranties

An Alumi Shield™ warranty is your assurance that the powder coating colour integrity will be maintained and will not chalk or fade whilst the film integrity is maintained and will not peel, crack or flake for the warranty period from the date the product is applied to the metal.

Warranties are available for architectural grade aluminium. Example items made from architectural aluminium include windows, louvres, doors, balustrades, decorative sheet amongst others.

Dulux Steel Shield™ warranties

A Steel Shield™ warranty for powder coated steel is your assurance that the powder coating colour integrity will be maintained and will not fade or chalk, that the and the coating will not corrode for the warranty period from the date the product is applied to the metal.
Warranties for steel can only be issued on the following substrates: mild steel, bright/semi bright steel, black/blue steel. All other steel types including galvanised coated steel are not warranted.

Choosing a warranty grade powder

It is important to define your project correctly to ensure the correct product is specified and the performance and warranty is able to be gained for your project.

Step 1 Identify your project

In Australia and New Zealand the building code dictates the type of products you can choose, so it is important to select your project correctly whether it be for Aluminium or Steel. 

Dulux define projects using the table below.




  • Non-Habitable projects are those that are not dwelling types. Examples can be furniture, bus shelters, signage etc.
  • Residential properties are typically easy to maintain, given their height and access.
  • High-rise projects are less sheltered from neighbouring buildings, raising their exposure and reducing their ease of maintenance.
  • Monumental projects attract the most attention and have the highest standards required to uphold the reputation expected from landmark sites

Step 2 Identify the conditions

Once you have defined your project you must also understand the environment and conditions. 
Use the following table which references AS 4312 (Atmospheric corrosivity zones in Australia) and AS3715 (Metal Finishing – Thermoset powder coatings for architectural applications) to define the conditions of your project.


Both project type and the environment (conditions) will impact on the exposure of the powder coat to elements such as UV, dirt and salt. 

Step 3 Industry Standards

To ensure products are fit for these environments Dulux recommends suitable products based on the AS3715 and AAMA testing standards. These standards provide a benchmark of product quality that are an assurance that your asset will be protected by a product fit for purpose.

Step 4 Select your product and colour

Dulux can assist to make your choice easier through the availability of colour cards, swatches, product brochures, warranty brochures as well as a dedicated specification service. 

Simply calling our advice line on 13 24 99 or by visiting duluxpowders.com.au

Step 5 Find a powder coater

Only a Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters are able to exclusively issue Dulux Alumi Shield™ and Steel Shield™ warranties on Dulux premium powder coat products.  It is therefore important to specify that only a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater can complete the powder coating of the project. 


Every Dulux Accredited Powder Coater has been audited and undergone sample checks of product application quality by Dulux, which ensures they can meet the required standards for warranty grade product application that meet international standards for application on aluminium and steel substrates.

You can find all Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters with ease using our online search tool available at duluxpowders.com.au. All Accredited Powder Coaters are listed online with their certification levels, indicating what products they can apply and on what substrates to warranty grade level. Search nationally or by state for Dulux Accredited Powder Coaters who are all certified and trusted by Dulux.

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