Duralloy XT thermosetting powder coatings, available from Dulux Powder Coatings , feature decorative and durable characteristics suited to a broad range of interior and exterior applications.  

These thermosetting powder coatings can be used in residential developments equivalent to Class 1 or Class 10 under the Australian Building Code, and surface preparation in accordance with AS3715-2002.

Key features and benefits of Duralloy XT thermosetting powder coatings include:

  • 7 year film integrity warranty (when applied by a Dulux registered applicator)
  • 7 year colour retention (when applied by a Dulux registered applicator)
  • Almost 0 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during cure
  • Minimal waste and pollution to the environment
  • Comprehensive colour and gloss range available
  • Durable polyester-type technology
  • TGIC free