Dulux Powder Coatings has launched the second collection of their Electro 2 range, featuring 20 colours cleverly designed to subtly change in appearance, corresponding to the shifting light patterns throughout the day.

The new Electro 2 palette of powder coatings features the popular colour shades of Silver Reign, Medium Bronze, Sensational Champagne, Dark Bronze, Fresh Gold and Black Ace to meet the preferences of traditionalists.

Modernists can explore the Electro 2 colour palette for fresh and new shades such as Poyple and Blue Gold, bright tones such as Blueit, Fred, Canary and Bright Spark, and the subtleties of Tiberius, Green Lantern, Blue Night, Clean Linen and Flat White.

Each colour in the new Electro 2 collection has been specifically selected to enhance modern building styles, and complement current interior design trends.

All powder coating colours are aluminium-free, improving the robustness of the coating as well as mar resistance compared with finishes from the original range. 

Explore the new Electro 2 collection.