Dulux AcraTex  has over the years, emerged a market leader in the supply of quality texture coatings. The high degree of protection that they afford, their aesthetic appeal and cost effective nature are qualities of Dulux AcraTex products, which remain unmatched. This has led to Dulux AcraTex products leaving a significant impact among the users.

The range of Dulux AcraTex products consists of easy to apply interior and exterior coatings. These products from Dulux AcraTex could be water based, pigmented natural stone and granite or acrylic texture coatings, which provide protection of long lasting nature to masonry building substrates.

Dulux AcraTex high performance systems come in a variety of texture finishes, guard against acid rain and water ingress, pollution and dirt pick up, mould and fungus and concrete spalling.

Dulux AcraTex systems offer a broad product portfolio of quality which will be able to withstand even extreme climatic conditions. Dulux AcraTex products offer the most cost effective and long term coating solutions that all developers, home owners and specifiers seek. The colour range available from Dulux AcraTex offers durability, even under harsh conditions of intense ultra violet exposure.