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    Dulux AcraTex manufacture a range of granular and non granular waterbased, acrylic texture coating designed for fast, convenient application. Coatings that deliver consistent finishes, tintable to colours in the extensive Colour Specifier range.


    Contact Dulux AcraTex
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    Contact Dulux AcraTex

    Contact Dulux AcraTex
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    • 1-3 Jeanes St
    • Beverley
    • SA 5009
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      08 844 ...

    • Fax: 08 8347 1963
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    Dulux AcraTex Brands


    105 HP & 107 PU

    950 Roll Ons

    951 Trowel Ons

    952 Spray Ons

    953 Membranes

    954 AcraStone

    955 AcraShield

    962 Roof Membranes

    968 Elastomeric 201

    AcraTex 500 & 600 Series

    Elastomeric Membranes


    Specialty Products

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