Monotek MMA resin rich, rapid setting, trowel-on (3-25mm thick) flooring systems are flexible, and as such can be installed totally seamless and joint free.

This resilience and flexibility also ensures that it is able to withstand heavy impacts and even substrate movement without compromising the hygienic seal of your flooring surface.

Monotek can be easily and rapidly repaired if damaged and anti-slip re-applied when worn in heavy traffic areas such as kitchen pot wash, bar floors, walkways, etc.

Monotek flooring systems are specifically designed with the hospitality and commercial food preparation industry in mind, as they totally cure in one (1) hour, so downtime can be kept to the absolute minimum.

Typically, in a kitchen application for example, we could commence works after the last meals are served and have all preparation and installation completed, ready for full service before breakfast the next morning.

Monotek flooring provides a hygienic, safe (anti-slip can be varied to suit different areas) and easily cleaned flooring surface, which is highly chemical and abrasion resistant.

Monotek can be applied inside cool rooms and freezers while they are still operating, as it will cure at temperatures as low as minus 30oC.

Finally, Monotek is available in Australian Standard 2700 colours and coloured sand (granite-look) finishes, so it will compliment contemporary design or decor.

Typical previous applications in the restaurant / catering / hotel and commercial food preparation industries for Monotek flooring have been:

  • Kitchen and commercial food preparation areas
  • Loading docks
  • Bar areas and cool rooms/freezers
  • Laundries
  • Toilets and washrooms
  • Bakeries
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Plantrooms and workshops

Monotek flooring systems are supplied and applied by DPJ Coating Systems.