Dotmar Engineering Plastics  specialises in providing a diverse range of advanced engineering plastic products. These engineering plastic products include polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE, polypropylene PP, dotmar heatbelts, polycarbonate PC, polyvinylchloride PVC, malco chain, DCP okaartek, pipe fittings, plastic sheaves and pulleys and orkot solutions.

Polypropylene PP from Dotmar Engineering Plastics is highly resistant to aqueous solutions of acids, salts and alkalis. Polypropylene is ideal for fittings and tanks in food and chemical industries.

Polyvinylchloride PVC from Dotmar Engineering Plastics is a synthetic plastic which has high strength and rigidity when compared to other plastics. PVC is suitable for fume cupboards, electrical insulators, chemical storage vessels, tank liners and fittings.

Various types of engineering plastic products offered by Dotmar Engineering Plastics are suitable for different applications. Acetal ranges of engineering plastic products are porosity free acetal products. These products have been specifically designed for food contact as well as medical applications. Ertacetal engineering plastic product from Dotmar Engineering Plastics is a semi crystalline material that possesses high strength as well as low coefficient of friction. This engineering plastic product is ideal to be used in wet environments.