Providing safe yet security conscious entranceways has become an essential requirement for modern-day public buildings.

Dorma , a manufacturer of automatic door and door control, is endorsed by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) - the official group responsible for recommending security equipment for use in government facilities.

Supplier of choice:
Due to stringent security demands, all government buildings are recommended to have SCEC endorsed products installed.

The Dorma EL 301 and AL 401 are the SCEC endorsed automatic sliding door operators in the Security Equipment Catalogue (SEC2006).

With a fully integrated UPS system, smart lock technology, and an enhanced security interface board, the 01 operators offer the customer good flexibility and functionality in high security applications.

The award-winning building of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet headquarters at Number One National Circuit recently had 20 EL 301 chain driven automatic door operators installed: two airlock systems are at the main entrances, while the remaining operators are fitted throughout the building in lift lobbies and entrance ways.

Dorma’s airlock systems are an effective way of minimising climate disturbance. Often used in high traffic areas, such as shopping centres, airports and public buildings, an airlock system ensures there is no direct airflow from the entrance of the first set of doors to the exit of the second set of doors.

This prevents the elements such as heat, wind and rain from disturbing the internal environment and temperature.