The DORMA BWM model of high impact doors, which forms part of the company’s Power Train series, is an automatic, industrial strength, single slide model.

The high impact traffic doors meet the needs of industrial applications and they can be used in cool rooms and clean rooms.

They can also be used to upgrade outdated door systems or to convert pre-existing manual sliding doors into automatic, high impact traffic doors.

These high impact traffic doors feature a three phase, 24 volt motor and a programmable logic control with current sensing and durable solid state switching.

The carriage assembly is supported by glass fibre reinforced nylon track wheels with fully raced and sealed ball bearings for extra strength.

The high impact traffic doors boast a chain drive with an average tensile strength of 1950kg, meanwhile a 12.7mm pitch self-lubricating gearbox with steel cut gears increases durability.

The high impact traffic doors are also equipped with an anodised aluminium replaceable tracking system.