Available from Dorma Door Controls, Cristallo partition wall systems for sanitary applications combine coloured glass with robust aluminium frames, hinges and locks. Made from tempered safety glass the coloured walls are both functional and aesthetic and the modular design opens up a wide range of possibilities - from the single WC cubicle to the WC row arrangement and the wash area.

Glass colours available include red, blue and green as standard with yellow, dark green and grey available on special request. Powder coated aluminium fittings come in grey and white.

The modular partition wall system can be adapted to every situation and can also be used as wall cladding or as a special construction with sloping side or cut-out. The 150cm wide glass walls and the up to 90cm wide doors are connected to each other at a 90 degree angle via 200cm high aluminium profiles.

The semi-circular powder-coated aluminium profiles give the large surface glass elements considerable stability. Each profile has up to three grooves into which the partition elements can be fitted. The profiles are also available equipped for the hanging of a door or for concealed plugging into masonry. The reinforcing profile over the door, side wall and partition wall ensures lateral stability. The wall system clears the floor by either five or 15 cm and is connected to the floor via a bracket screwed to the floor.

Source: Building Products News.