DoorBird, the manufacturer of IP video door intercom systems, has successfully added even more technology to their most compact door stations.

With the integration of a keypad to their new products, D1101KV and D1102KV, DoorBird allows residents or visitors to enter the building or a package delivery service, for instance, to access the property using a PIN code completely without the need for keys.

Known worldwide as a manufacturer of smart technology and exclusive design, DoorBird now offers buyers the option to integrate a keypad into the small door stations from the D11x series. Customised, programmable events can be activated via the 12 buttons, e.g., to activate or deactivate an alarm system or control a compatible smart lock. Both products, in addition to being PoE-capable, are also Wi-Fi-capable, so they work on the Wi-Fi network and do not require a LAN cable.

The new compact models are particularly suited to single-family houses and smaller commercial properties that only have limited space for the installation of the door stations and where the larger D2101KV and D2102KV models are not suitable. As a result, users of the smallest, narrow DoorBird door stations can also enter their house or property without keys. The PIN codes are created for permanent or temporary access, e.g., for deliveries of online orders with the help of the intuitive app. The options are diverse and customisable.

The D1101KV with a call button is primarily used in single-family homes and the D1102KV, with two call buttons, in duplexes.

Of course, both products are still equipped with all of the familiar functions of the D11x series, such as open API interfaces, geofencing, top-quality video and audio, motion sensor with 4D technology, and Bluetooth. Like all DoorBird products, the D1101KV and D1102KV models also stand out for their easy installation.