Digiglass decorative glass divider wall has recently been erected in the new Wanneroo Library and Culture Centre to enclose a “youth lounge” zone within the complex.

Featuring one of six public artworks created by Rick Vermey, the Digiglass decorative glass divider wall was commissioned by the City of Wanneroo to enhance the amenity and atmosphere of the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre.

Vermey's artwork embodies various abstract representations of knowledge, learning and language, featuring a hand written script derived from sketchbook notes made by Leonardo da Vinci, the root source of all digital information - binary code - in the background, and books and an ink quill pen floating across the surface. Mathematical formulae are also entwined in the surface of the image. 

Illustrations of Vermey's other commissioned artworks, including 4 suspended mobile sculptures, are also represented within the graphics of the teen lounge divider screen wall. 

This decorative glass divider wall was created by printing the graphics on a soft white translucent interlayer, which was then laminated between 6mm thick clear toughened glass sheets.

This Digiglass divider wall is constructed from 12 decorative glass panels, each 60 centimetres wide, and sits at a total height of 7.2m in length and 2.7m in height.

Wanneroo Mayor, Jon Kelly, said Vermey has created pieces that truly embody the spirit of the City of Wanneroo.

“The Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre is one of the highlights of the Town Centre Revitalisation - and the first of its kind in Western Australia to house this range of cultural services,” Mayor Kelly said.

“This Library and Cultural Centre promises to be a hub of activity and entertainment for the whole City to enjoy,” he adds.

The building will feature a library, regional museum, exhibition gallery, community function space, lecture theatre and coffee shop.