The Battery Point Sculpture Trail was commissioned by Hobart City Council as a new visitor experience intended to create an increase in pedestrian movement along the waterfront and reveal a range of stories about the historic suburb.

The constructed solution used typography as a vehicle to access interpretive material. Each story could easily be linked to a number (dates, weights, measures), which became the sculptural form with the construction materials further underlining the interpretation.

Nine three-dimensional numbers form the trail that is linked by directional markers fixed to existing poles.

The distance from Sydney to the finishing box for the yearly yacht race to Hobart is 628 nautical miles. To mark this, a precast concrete base embossed with the letters ‘nm’ and a blade of Digiglass decorative glass printed with the numbers ‘628’ form this sculpture. The Digiglass decorative glass blade is composed of three layers of glass with two interlayers of white print work, revealing detailed nautical maps and scaled sailing boats.