Spacesaver is a specialised storage range by Dexion Office that provides purpose-designed products tailored to solve storage challenges. Dexion Office offer solutions to make every aspect of a company more efficient.

Healthcare storage solution: Dexion Office deliver storage systems that are capable of solving the storage problems faced by healthcare facilities. Dexion Office accommodate the demands of a wide range of unique storage needs, from records to central supplies, x-rays, pharmaceuticals, surgical and pathology supplies, to histology specimens, reference libraries and dietary reserves.

Library space planning: To preserve and protect the variety of media that libraries house, and to ensure safe, convenient user access to the media collections, a specialised storage strategy must be developed. The Spacesaver storage range includes products with the flexibility to accommodate any type of filing system, cabinet or rack, and the development of numerous product innovations designed to provide user safety and enhance collection preservation.

Museum storage experts: In a world rapidly running out space, the useable internal storage space of any museum is important. Dexion Office suggest space conservation which conserves all the floor space currently used by vacant non-productive rows, rows of aisles and aisles needed for access to materials stored on conventional fixed-in-place storage shelving. Spacesaver storage systems are high-density mobilised storage systems that are designed specifically for museums.

Overcrowded justice sector: Corrections and law enforcement agencies are facing unprecedented increases in arrests, convictions and inmate populations putting space constraints for people and materials. Dexion Office storage systems have helped in maximising existing space, while providing essential security for the items being stored.

Dexion Office’s products cater to items such as records and files, pharmaceuticals, medical and dental supplies, radiology films/x-rays, linens and laundry, weapons, bulk food storage, tools, books, tapes and videos, evidence and personal effects for effective storage solution.