Leading storage and materials handling specialist, Dexion presents Library Shelving 2 – a new range of library shelving systems designed to offer tailored solutions for the modern library.

A leading supplier of library shelving solutions in the Asia Pacific region, Dexion meets the needs of academic, corporate, public and legal libraries, in addition to general office applications. One of the few companies in the world offering customised library shelving, Dexion continuously updates its solutions to meet the evolving needs of the modern library.

Dexion’s Library Shelving 2 range includes the double-side mobile, freestanding single, freestanding double and wall mounted units, supplied complete with a powder-coat finish that can be customised to meet any specified colour.

Dexion National Sales Manager, Michael Cumner describes how library shelving and its associated accessories have changed over time as the needs of libraries have developed and expanded.

Mr Cumner explains that libraries have evolved into a community space with areas demarcated for different purposes from the traditional books, newspapers and magazines to computers, CDs, DVDs, and now tablets and other technologies.

Apart from a core range of library shelving systems that meet standard library requirements, Dexion offers customised solutions and a range of accessories to suit every application, accommodating all library materials, media formats and specific storage needs.

Different from archival storage for instance, where there is only need for one shelf type, library storage needs to consider several variables including assorted heights, sizes and weights of the library materials; different floor layouts; and unique display designs.

Dexion’s Library Shelving 2 takes space optimisation to a whole new level, and is available in a range of heights, widths and depths to make full and efficient use of all available space, allowing flexibility in adapting to both stationary and mobile storage applications.

Dexion’s library shelving system can be customised to suit specific display and storage requirements from standard shelving through to canopies that protect books from dust; specific DVD and CD storage racks; magazine display shelves; and browser bins for children’s easy viewing.

All Dexion library shelving systems are constructed using steel to ensure strength and durability while avoiding moisture retention, a very important consideration when dealing with sensitive materials such as books, magazines and newspapers.

Dexion’s modular design is based on standard, easily assembled componentry, facilitating expansion and reconfiguration as the library grows and requirements change.

Key features of Dexion’s Library Shelving 2 systems include extensive range of accessories to meet diverse library display and storage requirements; modular design facilitating easy expansion and/or reconfiguration; clip-together construction for quick and easy installation and relocation; steel construction for complete strength, stability and rigidity; powder-coat finish for durability; shelf carrying capacity tested and rated to AS2273-1979; end-panels to define library sections and identify aisle content; timber dress panels for custom fitouts; slotted posts and wall-channel allowing easy adjustment at 38.1mm increments; and optional overhead braces to provide anti-tip security.

Available accessories with Dexion’s Library Shelving 2: Underslung endplates; CD/DVD shelf, display shelf and display rack – 2 tier/4 tier; Zigzag display shelf; Selecta shelf; magazine shelf and display shelf – 2 tier/3 tier; hanging bag rail; pull out reference shelf; hinged shelf; browser bin; uptilt endplates and shelves; stayput book support; bookshelf indicator; bookend slotted shelf, endplates, back and divider; magazine waterfall shelf – 6 tier/3 tier; and end panels – plain, display or display shelf.